A little bit about me

{I AM} a photographer
{I HEART} animals
{I SMILE} just thinking about them
{I PREFER} Starbucks
{I LOVE} to walk in the rain wearing flip-flops in the summer
{I HAVE} to travel
{I DREAM} about Italy, a lot, like all the time ;)
{I WANT} everyday to feel like the first sip of a perfect cappuccino
{I CRAVE} hot dogs...with mustard, of course!
{I CRINGE} at the sight of ant clusters...is there a declared phobia for that?
{I HEARD} it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown
{I BELIEVE} anyone can take a picture, but to capture the natural beauty and emotion of the subject? That takes a little something special ;)

Photo credit: Liz Mazur Photography