Art meets talent

{Life | Style}
Every photographer has their own individual style and finding the right photographer that fits your unique personality can be difficult. At The Way You Smile Photography, it’s my job to be professional, artistic and affordable, while meeting all of your individual needs. Sessions run any where from one to three hours* and my time is spent shooting both posed and candid.

To me, lifestyle photography is about documenting the subject in a way that captures who they are in their every day. It's about the quiet moments between parent and child. Play time with your dog. A sweet kiss between a couple when no one is looking. It's also the honest moments...recovery time from your 2 year olds tantrum, wiping their tears, making cookies with your kids. Playing your favorite board game. Whatever it is. Whatever makes you, YOU.

At the end of the session you will have a beautiful collection of photographs that tell YOUR story.
Prior to our session I will send you my Welcome Guide where I discuss the expectations and offer tips on clothing options, style, locations, etc. The Way You Smile Photography shoots only** in natural light. So when choosing a location indoors, it is imparative that there be ample windows and open space for us to gather.

{Digital Files}
All portraits and events are taken digitally and you get the digital files! Yes! That's what I get the digital files. I give all of my clients an edited “best of album” from their session on a CD, both in Black & White and in Color. The Way You Smile Photography believes the clients' freedom of choosing their favorite shots, making their own prints for their friends and family and sharing their photos on social media is ideal. With that said, my work always looks best when printed through professional imaging businesses and on high qaulity matte or sateen paper. Please...I beg of you, do not get your prints made at Wal-Mart or Target or Sears or wherever they use those machines with fake chemicals and glossy paper. It is worth the extra money to have prints that you can be proud to hang on your wall. I can offer excellent suggestions for quality printing services but I will also do them for you for an additional fee.

*Session times vary based on what type of session you choose.
**There's always an exception and I will try to accomodate whenever possible.